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Biolite Solo Standalone Biometric Access Control



Biolite Solo Features:


• Standalone operation – no computer required

• Suitable for outdoor use (IP65 Rated)

• In-built keypad and display to add, edit and delete users

• Either control a lock directly with the integrated relay or connect to a

Secure Controller for extra security

• Attractive design with clear visual and audible indicators


The Biolite Solo would be securely fitted to the outside of the door / gate that requires control.

Depending upon the level of security required, an electric lock can be controlled either directly

using the built-in relay OR using a separate Secure IO controller device.



The SecureIO Controller is recommended for external doors and internal doors that require higher levels of security. Without a SecureIO controller, access could be gained by an assailant if the Biolite Solo was pulled off and the relay wires were identified and shorted together. When a SecureIO controller is used, the Biolite Solo sends an encrypted message to the SecureIO Controller to indicate if a fingerprint transaction has been accepted. If it has been accepted, then the relay that is built-in to the SecureIO Controller will operate and thus unlock the door. The SecureIO Controller is therefore fitted on the inside or door, preventing an assailant from access the controlling relay wires from outside the door.


Dependent upon the type of electric lock used, either a press-to-exit button or a convential handle would be used to exit the door from the inside. Again, depending upon the lock type, an Emergency Break-glass switch may be fitted on the inside to put the door in an unlocked state – allowing an emergency evacuation e.g. fire, gas leak etc








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The popularity of Biometrics is spreading quickly. The benefits of Biometrics to eliminate problems associated with using cards/fobs are very apparent, such as people damaging, forgetting and loosing cards, passing cards to their co-workers and the administration of re-issuing new cards. But with the industry being awash with different Biometric fingerprint readers, how do you choose the right device for you?



Suprema Biometric Devices


We believe the quality of the Fingerprint sensor is most important. There seems little value in installing a low cost device if an unacceptably high percentage of your workforce are unable to use it. For the last 6 years we have supplied and fitted the Suprema Biometric Fingerprint devices throughout the country, to organisations both large and small. We have found them to be highly reliable and with a very small quantity of people who have difficulty using them.


Biometric Solutions



Whilst working alongside our partner company, we can offer Biometric solutions to cater for different requirements including advanced Time & Attendance systems and Software controlled Access Control Systems. Please contact us for further details.


We also provide a perfect solution for customers wanting a simple but reliable Biometric Access Control solution for doors, gates and turnstiles – without requiring a computer…. Introducing Biolite Solo