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The Problem


In recent years, thieves have mastered the process of "lock snapping" of Euro cylinder locks fitted to most UPVC doors and some wooden and aluminium doors. Once the process is learned, a thief can snap the lock cylinder within seconds. Once snapped, the lock can be easily operated to open the door.



The Solution


To greatly reduce a thief unlocking your UPVC door by lock snapping, the cylinder can be replaced with an Anti-snap (also known as Break Secure) cylinder that is specifically designed to resist this form of attack.


How does it work?


An Anti-snap lock cylinder will still break if enough pressure is applied by the assailant, however unlike a conventional Euro cylinder lock, it will snap in a specific place - so that lock still can not be opened without a key.


















JMG Locksmiths provide a full retro-fitting of Anti-snap lock cylinders to existing UPVC, Wooden and metal doors.


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